Posted by: Reverend Thomas | March 18, 2014

What To Do With Your Wedding Dress

Bay Area Winery BYou’ve spent a lot of money on your wedding dress and you’ve worn it once, albeit on a very important occasion.  The groom has it easy.  In most cases he simply returns the tux to the place where he rented it.  Very few brides rent their dress and don’t have the option of simply returning it.  So, now what do you do with your beautiful dress? 

 WEAR IT ON YOUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY:  A well known website founder wore his wedding tux and his wife wore her wedding dress on their first anniversary.  They rented a limo and had a night out for just the two of them.

 PRESERVE IT:  Some brides opt to have their dress professionally cleaned and preserved.  This can be expensive if it’s done right often costing hundreds of dollars to thousands depending on the fabric and style of the dress.  The packing should protect against dirt, light, insects, etc.  Be sure to use museum quality material if you want the preservation to last a lot of years and avoid plastic packing no matter what.

 CHANGE IT:  Dye it.  Modify it.  Turn it into a cocktail dress or evening gown.  Use the material to make something nice for the first-born child.  Think outside the box and see what you can come up with.

 TRASH IT:  This is a relatively recent, and I hope short-lived phenomenon, where the bride destroys her dress right after the ceremony.  They cut ‘em up, jump in a lake or ocean, roll around in mud, you name it.  The goal is to ruin the dress so no one else can ever wear it. 

 SELL IT:  Ebay and Craigslist are obvious choices, but there are websites that specialize in reselling wedding dresses such as or  If you’re not sure what your dress is worth, there is a great calculator at

 GIVE IT AWAY:  Do you have a friend or relative that would like to have it?  Are there thrift shops or charities nearby?  You may also consider donating it to one the these fines charities:

If you have any other ideas of what to do with your wedding dress, I’d love to hear about it.  Just send me an email at


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