Posted by: Reverend Thomas | January 9, 2013

The Personalized Ceremony

Over the years I have seen an increase in the number of Couples wanting to make their ceremony unique.  No longer are they willing to accept the “one size fits all” ceremony and instead are looking for ways to have a wedding ceremony that reflects their wishes, personality and lifestyle.  For some it’s as simple as adding their own vows.  For others adding a rose exchange or hand fasting is fine.  Others are requesting special readings or poems or even musical numbers.  The options for the Couple are pretty much open to whatever they and their Officiant can create.

There are a number of resources for Couples to use in this quest.  The web is, of course, a great place to find suggestions for vows and special elements, but I believe the best source is an experienced, open-minded Officiant.

When the Bride and Groom are interviewing prospective Officiants and they want to personalize their wedding ceremony, they should determine if the Officiant is willing to help them.  If the Officiant has a selection of different elements to offer the Couple for them to choose from, that’s even better.  Unfortunately some Officiants restrict what the Couple can and cannot do and that can be an issue for the Couple wanting a personalized ceremony.

The Right Words – A Couple’s Guide To The Perfect Ceremony is an excellent resource for the Couple.  The book is loaded with different elements that the Couple can review and use.


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